David G Buckley - Bio or autobio...who is to know?!

Right folks, you’ve come here to read about who and what the hell I am! Well, if I knew that, I wouldn’t be writing songs, so I can’t help you out that much apart from to say that I’m an Irish singer-songwriter with an unhealthily obsessive passion for music, politics, comedy and sport.

Musically, I wanted to be a songwriter from the first time I heard R.E.M.’s ‘Automatic for the People’ in the winter of 1992. It was the first CD to enter our home. I was only a little fella at the time but somehow this album, which was famous for its musings on mortality, had a big impact on my childhood self - what a miserable little shit I must have been. I was then unbelievably fortunate to witness a decade of outstanding guitar music that was actually in the charts! Whether it was Oasis’ ‘Morning Glory,’ or Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten’ or George Michael’s ‘Listen Without Prejudice,’ or Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ or Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ or Counting Crow’s ‘August and Everything After’ or U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ or Blur’s ‘Parklife,’ etc.etc.etc. it was a mind-blowing era for guitar-music fans. Although to say I was solely inspired by all these great artists to start playing and writing, would be misleading. No, I was also sold the dream that playing guitar and writing songs would make me irresistible to women. Sadly, as events transpired, I gradually became aware that I had been cruelly misinformed and as it turned out, I was still highly resistible. Nonetheless, I battled on and gradually became addicted to this most lonely, painful, joyous, and exhilarating of pursuits.

When I think of that time and those albums, I suppose that is ultimately the heart of where my music pumps from. I’ve been influenced by plenty of other music since then, including electronic, pop and dance, but if I have to describe to new listeners what my sound is like I’d point to that period and call it a fusion of all that captivated me in that time. Certainly, my first EP, ‘Different Shades of Nothing’, is a testament to that although my second EP, ‘Second Glance,’ moves in a bit of a different direction.

Lyrical depth is something I’ve always appreciated and noticed in music and adding to the list above of great writers, I’d give special mentions to Paul Simon, Dave Matthews and the Indigo Girls. It’s probably the aspect of songwriting I agonise over the most...and believe me there is a lot of agonising in my music-making! Strangely, it’s the part of my songwriting where I don’t really hear the influence of the bands that inspire me, although I admire them greatly for how they themselves do it. Lyric-writing is the part I get most out of. In a song, with lines being so few and the number of syllables per line limited, each utterance becomes precious. There’s something exhausting and utterly fulfilling about digging deep inside yourself to get those words out for the listener, so they can feel something with me. This ultimately is the reason I do what I do.

In truth, I hardly ever play live. Anytime I do it, I absolutely love it but my type of music is best experienced on your own in your bedroom. When I think of the albums that still move me years after their release, they were heard, loved and treasured as I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling above, listening to the voices of those who hadn’t got it all worked out either.

Hope you enjoy the music and hope to stay in touch,